Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rocky Mountain National Park

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK. August 1, 2007. Erin rode through the western edge of RMNP. Due to grazing restrictions it was impractical to ride through the middle of the park. Instead she passed through Grand Lake and stayed with the good people of Winding River Resort ( This is a beautiful place to stay. While there Yoakum got new shoes. Without sedation he was a wild man and ended up kicking the farrier in the jaw. The farrier understandably left. Erin and a friend completed the job themselves. The next day she rode through the Bowen Gulch Protection Area into the Never Summer Wilderness following the CDT. She camped at Trout Creek about 4 miles east of Willow Creek Pass and Colorado Highway 125. She has seen no humans in this Wilderness. There were however frogs, deer and a porcupine (cool).

Just received these pictures from a hiker (Emily Ewert) Erin encountered July 19 along the Alpine Tunnel trail.

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