Friday, July 27, 2007

Berthoud Pass

BERTHOUD PASS, ARAPAHO-ROOSEVELT NATIONAL FOREST. July 27, 2007. The crew rejoined the desiginated trail at Jones Pass (ele 12451) and following the divide and passed along and within the border of Vasquez Peak Wilderness. They experienced a very bad thunderstorm on Stanley Mountain. She had to descend rapidly below the tree line to wait it out. Erin was very suprised by the storm; Erin didn't see it coming since she was riding through fog (clouds) when the storm developed in the very clouds she was riding through.

The next day the trail crossed Colorado Highway 40 at Berthoud Pass; this photo was taken by hiker, Katelin Yates whom met Erin met along the trail. At the pass, there is a highway pullout and scenic overlook. As Erin descended the high and very steep switchbacks a crowd of tourists developed to watch the approaching mountain man riding and leading a mule, only to discover as they neared that it was a woman, and a young woman at that. The amazed crowd gathered around for conversation and pictures with the kids. Tom of Pennsylvania who was out scouting for fall hunting sights took her into Grand Lake to pick up her cache at the post office. He took her to lunch and dinner, and then dropped her off back at the pass. Erin rode 8 more miles and camped at Bill Moore Lake.

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