Monday, July 9, 2007

Weminuche Wilderness

WEMINUCHE WILDERNESS, COLORADO. July 9, 2007. Erin is back on the trail after a reprovisioning and rest stop at the Wolf Creek Ranch near Wolf Creek Pass. Yoakum (the riding mule) was reshod and Kershaw (the 15 year old pack mule) got shoes for the first time in his life. While there Erin was put to work helping to set up for a local wedding. She braided the manes and tails of the carriage horses and did other odd jobs. She was provided with a moose-leather shirt to wear to make her presentable to the guests. For several days she was the guest of Liz and her husband "Goat". Very wonderful people who were very helpful.

Erin is in the Weminuche Wilderness Colorado's largest at more than half a million acres. The Continental Divide Trail runs through the heart of the area for approximately 80 miles. Initially the trail and Divide bear due west, eventually making a great arch before heading back due east to "get around" the headwaters of the Rio Grande River. This is a very popular part of the CDT. Erin will see occassional hikers along the way.

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