Monday, July 16, 2007

Moose in the beaver pond

GRAND MESA-UNCOMPAHGRE-GUNNISON NATIONAL FOREST. July 16, 2007. Erin and the gang have travelled 40 miles in the last 2 days. They departed Spring Creek Pass and road the combination Continental Divide and Colorado Trail due east to the foot of San Luis Peak (elevation 14014) in the La Garita Wilderness (her 9th Wilderness area). The next day she bisected the La Garita travelling south to north. The real excitement came along Cochetopa Creek when the mules signalled alarm as they approached a beaver pond. There munching on willows was a young bull moose. Erin pulled up to watch and take pictures. The moose became inpatient and took a few steps in there direction which convinced Erin it was time to go. The mules apparently agreed. A mile or so later another moose was encountered along the trail walking through a stand of Aspen. All in all 3 moose were seen today. She camped along Los Creek which is just to the north of Texas Creek and only about 4 miles south of the junction of highway 114 and The Divide. She saw 27 people today, all backpackers. Enjoyed conversation and compared notes with most. Many of these hikers are on a quest to complete the 400 mile Colorado Trail which for the time being follows the Continental Divide Trail.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Erin, you're making great progress! Beautiful country. In your photos on other posts you look so much like your Mom.

I am sure your Dad wishes he was with you to see that Moose!

Take care, and keep on riding.