Sunday, July 22, 2007

Twin Lakes, Colorado

TWIN LAKES, COLORADO. July 22, 2007. Erin rode from Lake Ann to Twin Lakes. She emerged from the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, went over Hope Pass (straight up and staight down) just to the east of Mt Hope (ele 13933) and rode into the little town of Twin Lakes. There she stopped at a local lodge and asked for food to go. They ended up inviting her to stay and "oh, sure put the mules out back." So she got a real room, with a real shower and real hot water.

LaDeux update. The wonder dog was sent home a few weeks ago. There was never a loss of will but the feet gave out. Paw pad toughner and doggy shoes were not enough. When he is not reading this blog he lays by the door dreaming of the mountains and waiting for Erin to come for him.

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