Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness

Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness. July 25, 2007. Today Erin emerged from the Eagles Nest Wilderness to meet with a family friend, Carolyn K, in Silverthorne. Carolyn, who is a producer, provided her with a video camera to record some of her travels and travails with the hope that she might be able to make a documentary of Erin's trip. Carolyn also fed her well and reported back to Mom that Erin and crew were whole and doing great.

After their meeting, she headed into the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness, through Ptarmigan Pass (elev 11,777) to the South Fork of Williams Fork. Erin would like me to report that Wendy's will serve you on a mule in the drive through, while McDonalds (Cuba, NM) refused her drive through service.

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