Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spring Creek Pass

-SPRING CREEK PASS. July 14, 2007. On Friday Erin rode through the day and into the night to arrive at the Spring Creek Pass Campground at the junction of the Continental Divide and State Highway 149. The mules were secured tight on a high line. The next morning she was picked up by the family of Philip, Carolyn and Dasha. They provided a place to shower, to do laundry and the "Best Hamburger in all of Lake City". There is nothing like washing away the smell of wet mule accumulated over a week. She picked up her pre-mailed cache of supplies at the post office, her pre-delivered cache of grain at the Sheriff's office, and went shopping. The hero family dropped her off Saturday afternoon to prepare for setting off through the La Garita Wilderness. The weather is supposed to be better.

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